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Leading CBD Brand in Sports Recovery

Let’s not let our injuries take control of our lives and the things we love or need to do. With CBD being the new natural remedy, our team works countless hours to make the best product that works for everyone. By utilizing state-of-the-art engineering and fueled with passion, we strive to make a healthy lifestyle possible for everyday people that are tired of living with pain.

FlexCBD Topical Cream | 4000 MG

An effective CBD infused topical cream derived from the rich soil on the western hemisphere. Formulated to target deep tissue at the source to promote a natural healthy lifestyle. 


FlexSHRED Weight Loss + Energy Capsules

FlexSHRED capsules are formulated to support natural and safe weight loss. Each capsule contains a blend of CBD, Green Tea, and Garcinia, which effectively work together to enhance your metabolism and boost your energy levels.

New Travel Size!

1500 MG Pain Relief Cream

Introducing FlexHEMP, a by product of FlexCBD that contains the same great formula in a travel size 2oz tube. Our new FlexHEMP brand contains the same amout of menthol and active ingredients as all our creams just in different packaging.

FlexCBD Topical Cream | 2000 MG

Formulated for the active individual in mind, Flexcbd has helped countless people combat issues from daily aches and pains to chronic arthritis.  

FlexCBD Topical Spray | 2000 MG

Our active spray features a 360-degree fine mist spray radius. Perfect for active on-the-go application and hard-to-reach areas. Get back to the activities you love.

FlexCBD Deep Sleep Gummies

For those nights when you’re tossing and turning or going over tomorrows to do list over and over again FlexCBD has put together the best all around gummy to get you to sleep fast.

FlexCBD Tincture | 1500 MG

Our tincture is an ingestible form of CBD with natural healing properties. Add to your favorite drink or use directly under the tongue for a fast and holistic approach to health and wellness.

Have you experienced any injuries that lead to back pain?

Consider our CBD cream for pain relief. Our 4000 mg CBD Cream is a popular choice for alleviating back pain and more.

Why FlexCBD?

Living with chronic pain can disrupt your life in countless ways – from missing out on family trips to struggling with everyday tasks and even feeling confined to your home. Perhaps you've tried CBD before, only to find it ineffective. With CBD brands saturating the market, it's challenging to discern which one will truly work for you.

We understand the frustration of investing in numerous products with no relief in sight. That's why FlexCBD is here. After extensive research and exploration across the country, we've meticulously sourced the finest ingredients and purest CBD available. We refused to enter the market until our products were perfected through years of rigorous testing and development.

Now, with FlexCBD, you can trust that you're getting high-quality CBD you can depend on. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to relief – it's time to experience the FlexCBD difference.