Learn why Top Athletes in the World Are Choosing FlexCBD

When we started this company we knew we had something special but never imagined it would grow into something this big. Athletes around the world are turning to FlexCBD for their recovery programs. We have helped countless athletes recover from massive injuries to overworked muscles. Check out why athletes choose and depend on FexCBD products

Vicki Golden Professional Freestyle Motocross Rider

Vicki Golden is a trailblazing figure in the world of motocross, known for her fearless riding style and groundbreaking achievements. As one of the few female riders in a predominantly male sport, Golden has shattered stereotypes and paved the way for future generations of women riders. Her dedication, perseverance, and skill have earned her numerous accolades, including multiple X Games medals and the distinction of being the first woman to qualify for a Supercross event. With her passion for motocross and her trailblazing spirit, Vicki Golden continues to inspire riders around the world.

Aaron Williams Professional Bullrider

Aaron Williams is ranked in the top 100 bullriders in the world and is a favorite on the PBR circuit. There is nothing more taxing on the body than riding a bull and thats why Aaron depends on FlexCBD for his recovery. Check out why he loves the brand.

Aaron Williams at Monster Energy's Unleash The Beast

Only a handful of the best bull riders and bulls in the world get invited to unleash the beast. Aaron Willimas was one of those riders. Check out his amazing ride placing him 3rd in the competition.

Taylor Sander and Taylor Crabb Professional Volleyball Players

Sander and Crabb are the top team in professional beach volleyball. Coming from a career in indoor volleyball ranging from the U.S.A National team to Olympic medals both of these players list of accomplishments is a notebook full. The ultimate crowd favorite at the AVP, they recently won the Manhattan Beach AVP which is legendary in the sport. For those wondering, yes they both use FlexCBD. They are both FlexCBD tincture guys, making sure they keep their daily dose right next to their daily supplements to perform at their highest level.

Mac Trucc IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Wesley Boxley also known as Mac Trucc is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder that is very well known in the bodybuilding community. With friends like Jay Cutler that support him he is well on his way to be a name you won't foreget in bodybuilding. He was the first person to use FlexCBD spray before his workouts and has started a huge trend amongst bodybuilders across the United States.

Daniel “ Danny Ruthless “ Spina Professional Moto America Bagger Racer

Daniel Spina started his career in the Harley Davidson stunt era back in the early 2000's. Competing side by side with the top riders in the United States all over the country giving Daniel the nickname Danny Ruthless for his creative riding and innovative stunts. He recently transitioned into becoming a professional MotoAmerica racer in the Bagger league. If it's a Harley, Danny can make anything happen.

Johnathon Monroy Professional Surfboard Shaper

Johnny is a professional surfboard shaper that designs and creates surfboards for some of the top riders in the world. By putting his body to the test he depends on FlexCBD to keep his body going for long periods of time.

Diego Pacheco Professional Boxer

Diego Pacheco is a Professional Boxer from Los Angeles California. He is currently 20-0 and is part of the David Benavidez training camp where he trains day in and day out. Diego loves using FlexCBD after his fights to help his muscles recover faster so he can get back to training as soon as possible.

Adora Anae Professional Volleyball Player

Adora is a professional volleyball player that has traveled the world playing the greatest players at the highest level of volleyball. She was a part of the United States Women's national team in 2018 and is still competing and traveling. Adora uses the FlexCBD spray because she loves not having to apply anything to her hands when competing.

Christian Dicochea College Baseball Player

Christian is a college baseball player that has played for the Washington Huskies and LMU. He is an amazing player that has the scouts attention by his tremendous batting skills and athleticism. Christian loves using FlexCBD cream for his throwing arm to help soothe the muscles before a game.

Weber Almeida Professional Bellator Fighter

Weber “ The Silverback '' Almeida is a Brazilian MMA fighter that is working his way through the ranks of Bellator. Training and coaching at the famous Machada Academy, Weber is a crowd favorite with a promising career in MMA. Weber uses the FlexCBD spray before he stretches to loosen the up and prevent over extending his muscle to help prevent injury.

Fed Pacheco Professional Boxer

Fed Pacheco is a professional heavyweight boxer. Being the younger brother of Diego you can tell boxing at a high level runs in the family. Fed is undefeated and has all eyes on him. He continues to shock the crowd with win after win and knockout after knockout.

Jillian Hardwick Pilates Fitness Trainer

Jillian is an online sensation with her company HB Pilates. She has made a huge impact helping people recover from injuries and strengthening their core all from their home. Her online classes and creativity on how using basic medicine balls, foam rollers, and stretch bands can be extremely effective and is opening new doors on the thoughts of pilates and how important and easy they can be. Jillian loves FlexCBD because of the transparency with the brand and how she knows FlexCBD is completely safe to use on her body.

Fili Moala Professional Football Player

Fili Moala is not only one of the founding Members of FlexCBD but he had a lucrative career in the NFL. After he was drafted from USC he went to play for the Indianapolis Colts as a defensive end. Fili was one of the best defensive ends in the NFL and people to this day still talk about his plays. Take a look on what made Fili want to turn to the CBD industry in his youtube video.