Find FlexCBD at Sports Conventions and Athletic Events

FlexCBD is proud to showcase our premium CBD products at sports conventions and athletic events across the country. Visit our booth to explore our range of CBD-infused solutions designed to support athletes' wellness and recovery. Stay tuned to our event calendar to find out when and where you can find Flex CBD at upcoming sports conventions near you.

FlexCBD at the OC Marathon

We had an amazing time out in Orange County for the OC marathon last year. We are so thankful to help the runners with their recovery after the race.

FlexCBD at the Long Beach Acura Grand Prix Day 1

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the highly anticipated Long Beach Grand Prix, where Flex CBD had a prominent presence. As an official sponsor of this thrilling event, we invite you to all future events to experience the excitement of the race and visit our booth. Discover how our CBD products can assist in post-race recovery, enhance your well-being, and support your active lifestyle.

FlexCBD at Mr. Olympia - Las Vegas

Mr. Olympia Las Vegas was an experience we will never forget. The amount of people that came to our booth was extraordinary.

FlexCBD at the Huntington Beach AVP

Nothing like sunshine and volleyball. FlexCBD down at the Huntington Beach AVP spreading the cream helping the pain.

FlexCBD at Long Beach Acura Grand Prix Day 2

As the first CBD company to sponsor the Acura Grand Prix it was an honor to be a part of such a historical event.

FlexCBD at the L.A Marathon

This event was local for us and held at Dodger Stadium. The turnout was tremendous. We had so much fun and we met so many amazing people.

FlexCBD at the SoCal Beach Foundation

Team FlexCBD and Team USA Volleyball players came together to support the SoCal Beach Foundation to give back to the community and kids in need.

FlexCBD at the Los Angeles Fit Expo

FlexCBD attended the Los Angeles Fit Expo and had the honor to meet so many fascinating people. We were accompanied by professional body builder Macc Truck, Belator Fighter Weber Almeida, and the amazing FlexCBD team.

Geezer Games in Torrance at the Training Lab

We had the opportunity to be a part of the geezer games in Torrance California at the Training Lab. It was so motivational to see people over the age of 40 competing and performing at such a high level.